The NEW website of JJEU is live. Please check now at 

The NEW website of JJEU is live. Please check now at

Team JJEU Media used the last 48 hours to migrate the old website to the new provider, upload a new created site, and set all necessary data on the new site. With this new site JJEU is having a fresh site, powerful, and most important, NEWS can be added by the media director in split seconds.

Rick Frowyn and Marcel Kouwenberg.

Updated Weighing information for EC U15 and Dutch Open

Updated Weighing information for EC U15 and Dutch Open


16.00 – 19.00 h Weighing and registration for athletes scheduled for Saturday
Please keep in mind that there is a maximum of 400 competitors per day!


07.15 – 08.00 h Weighing and registration for athletes scheduled for Saturday
08:00 h Entry for participants to hall
08:30 h Opening ceremony
09:00 h Beginning of the first tournament day:
– Duo’s (Classic): Seniors, U21, U18 and Europa Cup U15 (categories: men, female and mixed)
– Fighting: Europa Cup U15
– Ne-Waza: Europa Cup U15
15.00 – 17.00 h Weighing and registration for athletes scheduled for Sunday


07.15 – 08.00 h Weighing and registration for athletes scheduled for Sunday
08:00 h Entry for participants to hall
09:00 h Beginning of the second tournament day:
– Fighting: Seniors, U21 and U18
– Ne-Waza: Seniors, U21 and U18

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1st Invitation for European Championship Seniors 2018

1st Invitation for European Championship Seniors 2018

Dear Budo friends,

In Gliwice Poland, from the 1st till the 3rd of June 2018 JJEU in corperation with the Polish JuJitsu Federation will organize the Ju – Jitsu European Championship for Seniors and Masters.

Please register by Excel sheet AND by sportdata:

Registration_Form_ECh_2018_Masters def.xlsx

Registration_Form_ECh_2018_Seniors def.xlsx

ECh_Sen_and_Mas_2018_Invitation_EN 1st edition final inv.pdf




Arrival details Gliwice Poland.xlsx

New DUO classic rules

The new DUO rules, are now in force. (since the 1st of January)

Under leadership by Michael Korn and Rick Frowyn a expert group (ETM Meeting PLnica Slovenia 2017) discussed and created the new rules for DUO claissic. The JJIF session 2017 at Bogota Colombia accepted the new rules for the DUO sustem.

DUO will now be reduced and easier to start with for all athletes. The judging system is not effected by the change of the rules.

Duo Classic JJIF Session 2017 – effective 01012018.pdf

Contract for European Cup in DUO signed for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

Contract for European Cup in DUO signed.

On Friday the 14th is by Miss Joset Fit, counsel member of Sports of Medemblik the Netherlands together with Rick Frowyn, General Secretary of JJEU the contract signed for organisation of the new European DUO games in JuJitsu.

This big event, part of the European Challenge CUP, will count for the European ranking list. The DUO games are open for all members of European federations associated to JJIF and JJEU. The games are for U15, U18, U21 and seniors and contains classic DUO and SHOW. The city of Medemblik wil host this event for 4 years starting June 23rd 2018 for the first edition.

Severine Nebine elected as JJIF board member

Severine Nebine, France, and during 2017 European Championship elected as member for JJEU athletes commission, has been elected during a special session in Bogota Colombia as the new athletes representative for JJIF board.

Miss Claudia Behnke has left the board after a periode of hard work for athletes in the world.

Severin, together with Faisal from the UAE can now start with the work for the athletes in the world, the base is wel prepared by Claudie.

JJEU board likes to thank again miss Behnke for the great work she did last years. We will see each other for sure in the nice events which are coming.

Dear sport friends, respected members from the JJEU/JJIF Sport Federations. This year is a great year for ju-jitsu. We have organised very successful ETM to prove that athletes, referees and coaches can and should work together for the benefit of development, we have had two big grand slam events in Paris and Gelsenkirchen and successful organisation of the EC Seniors in Banja Luka (BIH). General Assembly approved the Resolution on the Mission, Values and Vision of the JJEU 2017 – 2014 and set a Strategy for the future.

Last weekend another great event closed on exactly the same date as 40 years ago a charter has been signed which represent the milestone on our legacy – that day European Ju-Jitsu Federation was established.

We would like to thank the Romanian Martial Arts Federation and its Ju-Jitsu Department, staff and volunteers and any other partners, not mentioned, for the organisation of the European Championship Aspirant & Juniors – it has been remarkable event. Step by step the organizers of big events give the us assurance that we can proceed with our strategy of development as planned at last JJEU General Assembly.

The following high-ranking events has been set in the calendar for next year:

a) European Cup U-15, the Netherlands, 24 – 25 March 2018;
b) European Championship Seniors & Masters, Poland, 1 – 3 June 2018;
c) European Cup Duo system (and referee course Duo), the Netherlands, 23 – 24 June 2018;
d) 15th Jiu-Jitsu United Event (JJVOE), Pressbaum – Austria, 16 – 17. June 2018
e) JJEU Summer Camp (DJJV), Hachen – Germany, 13 – 17 August 2018;
f) JJEU European Championship Aspirants & Juniors, Bologna – Italy, 26 – 28 October 2018.

Expert Technical Meeting (ETM2) will take place also, date and location with programme will follow. Please find in the attachment the official results from EC Bucharest!

EC U18-U21 Official Results [pdf]

JJEU Board sharing information with the referees

Bucharest – part of the Championship’s referee group

Bucharest, 26 October 2017. Late afternoon the President met the referee group of the Championship. In two hours he presented and share the activities and plans of the Board for the future, emphasising the Resolution on Mission, Values and Vision 2017 – 2024 and Strategy “10-5-30” in continuation of the debate. The main objective of the discussions was to introduce the referees with the development which will affect referee work (Working Group results, evaluations, testing of the Care and “one referee”, future training and educations, Code of Conduct etc.) but also to receive valuable feedback and opinions from the expert which will help Working Group and the Board to process the ideas in a good way.

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JJEU Board constructive in Bucharest
Mr Ognjen Crnogorac presenting candidature for the future EC U18 & U21

Bucharest, 26 October 2017. Intensive day in front of the 2017 U18 & U21 European championship in Bucharest, Romania started with the JJEU Board meeting while the organiser of the event prepared everything for the arrival of the teams. The Agenda of the meeting was extensive, including discussion and decision on calendar, European Ranking List, referees, personal data protection, athletes committee etc.

Europa Cup for under 15 years date set

JJEU and Van Diermen Sport Netherlands set the date for the Europa Cup for under 15 years in Fighting, DUO and Newaza.

In the city of Amersfoort (close to Utrecht and Amsterdam) JJEU will organise in cooperation with Van Diermen Sport Soest during the Dutch Open the Europa Cup for under 15 year old. This Europa Cup is the unofficial European Championship for under 15 years for all members of JJEU. In the same weekend the Dutch Open for U18/U21 and Adults will be organised.