Ju-jitsu European Union (JJEU)

Statutes and By-laws

JJEU Statutes (Madrid 2016)  
Accepted by JJEU extraordinary General Assembly in Madrid Spain, March 17th 2016, JJEU Board corrigendum April 4th 2016 (pursuing JJIF Statutes and JJIF suggestions from March 30th 2016), published April 15th 2016.

By-law No.1 – Board structure and responsibilities
JJEU Board structure, responsibilities and job description

By-law No 2 – Structure/Committees
JJEU Committee structure (initial)

By-law No 3 – Electoral procedures for Electoral General Assembly
JJEU Electoral procedures for Electoral GA in Ghent, 2016

By-law No 4 – Electoral Procedures for JJRIC (regional representatives) (new)
Electoral procedures for the Ju-Jitsu Regional International Committee (JJRIC within JJEU in Banja Luka 2017

JJEU Statutes (Antwerp 2008)
JJEU highest act abour purpose, objecitve, organisation, relations between regulation bodies and responsabilites, authorities.

JJEU Statutes changes (Genoa 2012)
To the paragraph 6.1 is added additional text in the new article 6.1.4 (harmonisation with JJIF Statutes).

JJEU Financial Rules (Vienna 28.5.2010)
Rules abour financial business in the JJEU.

JJEU Financial Rules (new Annex 2013) 

JJEU Challenge Cup Rules
European Challenge Cup (ECC) is a unique system of competition in ju-jitsu on international tournaments in Europe.

JJEU Requirements for Continental Referee Course
Important document for potential organisators of continental referee course.

JJEU Rules about visual identity
Rules about logo, flag and insignia.