ETM Event One materials

Dear friends, please find enclosed some dicussion materials received prior the event. Everything listed here will be at your disposal also as a booklet upon your arrival.
We have attached also a link to the JJIF forum, which can be used as a practical exchange opinion web tool and discussion ground.

Schedule of the event [pdf]
List of participants by panels [pdf]
3 Initial materials [doc]
4 ORG Ranking list proposal for European Games v3(1) [pdf]
5 ORG Proposal for Team Competion for European Games version 22052016(1) [pdf]
6 DUO Proposal 3 change DUO system competition(1) [pdf]
7 ORG Basic_Universal_Principles_of_Good_Governance [pdf]
8 EU Good Governance xg-gg-201307-dlvrbl2-sept2013 [pdf]
9 ORG Tournaments in Europa version 08102016 v1 [pdf]
10 ORG Ranking_Qualification_TWG2017(2) [pdf]
11 JJIF Forum – info [pdf]
12 JJIF Forum registration [xlsx]


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